3 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Cold Calls

Why should I call someone instead of just shooting an email or a text message?

Simply because you need to create an authentic bond with your prospect and texts are limited to express ourselves and interact efficiently.

  • Pride because you succeed in calling your first prospect and connecting with him.

“Cold Call” is a wrong term.

It will help if you have human warmth and emotions. Drop the cold to get the heat.

#1 — Find a common interest

Your prospect is not a wallet but a human being and could be a friend as well. What do you do to make a new friend? Simply by finding a common interest!

#2 — Understanding them

Please don’t start your call by talking about your product but learning more about your future customer.

#3 — Being emotional

Your prospect doesn’t care about your product but cares about the emotion you have created within him.

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